AMCO Review of NSM Member Berry CO2 extracted wax concentrate from GSM

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~ This was manufactured by Natural State Medicinal and purchased from Green Springs Medicinal. It has an extraction date of 3/3/20 and was tested on 6/14/20 at 67.2% THC

The Look

~ The look rates 10 out of 10. The metal child proof looks and feels. The oversized outer disk is gold on white with embossed lettering. Once opened it reveals the normal child proof half gram black glass container with a spacer to keep it from jostling around. The wax itself is a lovely pumpkin spice shade of brown.

The Smell

~ The smell rates 7 out of 10. Mild chocolate and citrus notes present after stirring then putting your nose very close to the sample. This is such a light aroma, medicating in public shouldn’t be an issue. Even the scent while ingesting is mildly fragrant.

The Taste

~ The taste rates 7 out of 10. I’m going to throw a disclaimer here. I am not well educated in CO2 versus Butane Hash Oil concentrates. I’ve only done a deep dive on the web. From my understanding I’d say this product should be more flavorful. I’m getting notes of chocolate from it mostly and I’m just not a fan of chocolate. I didn’t find any floral notes as I expected. There seems to be just a touch of orange flavor also. The flavors almost disappear when used in the water recycler and Yo Dabba Dabba e-nail.

[embedded content]

The Effect

~ The effect rates 6 out of 10. The rice grain sized dab I took first thing this morning but me very Sativa like. This strain is a 50/50 hybrid. I would say that after medicating, I’m still sober enough to feel comfortable speaking to law enforcement. With this product, I would use a larger dose to treat my pain by distraction. It doesn’t give me the body effect I need. It also hasn’t eased my nerves. The AMCO high opinion of this isn’t very high. Its just not for me. But I am intoxicated enough that I forgot the smell category and had to go back to input it.

~ Overall AMCO’s High Opinion is 7.5 out of 10. I’m sure it would work with others taste buds and endocannabanoid systems. Its just not my cup of tea. CODE AMCO gets you 10% off

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