AMCO’s Review of Bold Elite #4

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AMCO’s Review of Bold Elite #4 ~ This 8th of an ounce sample from Suite 443, purchased from Suite 443, was harvested by Bold on 8/3/20 and tested on 8/13/20. This gives it only a 10 day window for curing. It has 18.8% THC and 0.0307% CBD. The genetics I found from list it as GG4 crossed with Elite Lemonette, making a fairly balanced hybrid.

Ooze Life - Glass Globes

The Look

~ The look rates 8 out of 10. This sample is a lovely emerald green with a slightly misshapened bud structure. Just a guess but I would say there were no plant growth regulators because its so light and airy. The tricombs are frosty and appear clear to clouded with the naked eye.

The Smell

. ~ The smell rates 8 out of 10. The fuel notes pack a punch and are the first thing that hits my nose. I also found hints of the skunk from Myrcene and brightness from Limonene.

The Cure

~ The cure rates 7 out of 10. This sample is moist but under magnification, I found some missing tricombs. The ones that were present are mostly clouded. There are a few that were clear and about 10% were darker than clouded.

The Taste

~ The taste rates 8 out of 10. This is not a disappointment! I used an OCB virgin paper to get an untainted sample. Its has the flavors of lemon and skunk with the inhale. The exhale is smooth and is followed by a citrus after taste that makes you want to smack your lips.

Thanks to OCb for providing the paper for this review

The Effect

~ The effect rates 7 out of 10. The body effect is minimal but the head buzz is nice. It settled in as I finished this half gram sample. My tolerance is fairly high these days but this did reduce my pain by about 2 levels on the pain scale.

Amco High Opinion

~ In my high opinion this rates 7.8 overall. I would for sure but more of this as its terp profile is useful to my symptoms.

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