Arizona Adult Use Cannabis Sales

We are currently targeting February 1st, 2021 as our first day of adult use sales at Arizona Reef Dispensary locations. Check back here for the latest!

This past November, Arizona voters passed Prop 207, the Smart and Safe Arizona Act, by a historic margin. This measure legalized the possession & consumption of cannabis by adults 21 and older, and tasked the Arizona Department of Health, which currently oversees the state’s medical cannabis program, to permit existing licensed medical marijuana dispensaries to begin adult-use or “recreational” sales by June 1st.

Since the election, one of the most frequently asked questions we’ve been asked is when, exactly, these adult use sales may begin. The answer to that question is beginning to take shape, and we will update this page with the most up-to-date information we have as the historic day approaches.

So what do we know now about the process?

  • All of our employees with Dispensary Agent (DA) cards must first apply for new Facility Agent (FA) cards
  • Once certain key employees have applied for their FA cards, each of our dispensaries may apply for a “dual license” to dispense to both medical and adult-use customers
  • Once the dual license is granted, a dispensary may begin adult use sales immediately

The state portal for FA card applications opens on 1/19/21. We expect ADHS to be flooded with FA card applications from dispensaries throughout the state. We have no control over how long it will take them to review the applications and issue FA cards, but our team will be ready to submit FA card applications as soon as possible once the application portal opens. Once all of our key employees have FA card applications pending, we will again be ready and waiting to submit for our dual licenses.

Based on the sequence of events outlined above, we are preparing for an estimated adult-use launch date of February 1st – significantly earlier than previous estimates of late March or early April. Again, our ability to be ready by this date relies on factors outside our control, as we may yet face unknown delays in the FA or Dual License application process.

Please check back here to stay up-to-date with the latest information as it develops.

Last updated: 1/15/2021

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