Democrats need to stop worrying and get behind legal pot

Both parties are funded by the same old gaggle of pot opponents as always pharma, booze, tobacco, religious nuts, and prisons. As well both go out of their way to get police endorsements.

The pearl clutching is just a ruse. Plain and simple truth is until pot companies can afford to bribe both parties nothing will really change.

With the trend for pharma, booze and cig companies trying to maximize profits by gobbling up the whole pot market the bribes are just starting to get strong enough to get some politicians to bend. Fucked part though is that with the corporate hijacking when it is legalized it will be done in a way that maximizes corporate profit over reason and affordable access.

Also the democrats can be just a big a bunch of fucks as the republicans. Obama went fuckin nuts on the handful of legal states that there were his first term. He was so off his rocker that both repubs and dems had to pass legislation via spending restrictions to rein in his dea/fed prosecutors and to get obama to stop being a massive asshole about it in general. Obama got all but 2 dispensaries evicted in the city I lived in back then in cali, he had federal attornies send threatening letters to every dispensaries land lord threatening them with federal prosecution if they didnt evict their dispensary tenants asap. Obama fucked up the lives of a ton of good and dedicated small mom n pop types and long time legalization activist. Shut em down, ruined them financially all conviently a couple years before cali’s legalization which was hijacked by wealthy interrests was pushed through. I hate bush and trump they’re fascist fucks but so is obama and they didnt fuck with cali’s pot like obama did.

Obama’s War on Pot

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