How do I help my friend smoke healthier?

A close friend (61) of mine is clearly upset about his use of weed. He loves to smoke, has been doing so for decades and most likely won’t stop during this lifetime, which I’ve accepted (I smoke as well but I’ve come to a point where I smoke about twice a month). I say “accepted” because he has already had a heart attack and got 4 bypasses then. I just want him to live as long but also as happily as possible.

Here in Europe, most people smoke their weed mixed with tobacco, which makes it a lot worse for his heart.

I’ve tried introducing him to vaping and smoking pure bowls, but he doesn’t like it because he is used to all the smoke filling his lungs and it doesn’t feel “fullfilling” to him. He has started using activated carbon filters which is good.

I’m looking for other ways to help him smoke healthier. Especially a kind of healthier tobacco or substitute. Any suggestions?

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