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Terpenes are different from essential oil. They are natural and offer many health benefits. People are not aware of this, but they have experienced terpenes all their life. Let’s find out the difference between the two. We will also look at the health benefits of Terpenes and essential oils to find which one is the best?

What are terpenes?

Terpenes are organic oils in the cannabis plant that produce euphoric effects and produce the flavor you taste. When someone consumes cannabis they consume terpenes as cannabis are rich in terpenes. Terpenes give orange a citrusy smell and pine trees a distinct aroma. The relaxing effects in the lavender are because of terpenes.

Scientists have discovered that terpenes are safe and offer a range of health benefits. It is ideal for reducing anxiety, pain and inflammation. It offers many positive health benefits and improves the energy level in the body. Terpenes are also known as terpenoids and these are organic compounds produced by the pants. These have constituents of essential oils and have a specific aroma of various flowers and medicinal plants that contribute in offering many therapeutic and medicinal benefits.

Terpenes have all the good things found in cannabis. Though, when you consume cannabis there can be a THC effect on the mind, but terpenes are important constituents found in cannabis which improves the way you feel physically and mentally.

It is used in many medicinal and therapeutic applications. Today, many investigations are being done on terpenes benefits to understand the therapeutic benefits related to pain relieving, mood enhancing and other synergistic properties in addition to CBD therapy that it offers.

There are various types of terpenes found in cannabis and the most fascinating thing to discover is that most of the terpenes offer medicinal effects and it reduces pain and inflammation. It also benefits people that suffer from terminal illnesses. It energizes the body and causes sedation. Well, this depends on the type of terpenes that one is consuming. Some terpenes cause euphoria effects while others may induce sleep and give relaxation.

What are essential oils and how is it different from terpenes?

Essential oils give the same effect derived from terpenes. So, is it the same as terpene? Let’s check what essential oils are and what exactly they do.

Essential oils are aromatic and concentrated liquid that is produced from natural things like flowers, leaves, seeds, fruits and roots. Essential oils have been used since ancient times and are trending these days because of various benefits they offer. Essential oils have a particular flavor of plant and are made of different chemicals. There are many varieties of essential oils that have terpenes in it, but the oil has many ingredients and chemicals as well.

Terpenes are the main ingredient in essential oils that gives the oil a specific taste, aroma and medicinal benefit. Essential oils are the aromatic liquids that are produced when aromatic plants are processed and oil is named on the botanical form For example, rose oil comes from distillation of roses and lavender oil comes from lavender plants. Essential oils have that pure essence of the plant species from which it is derived.

Which is better?

If you are looking for something natural then you can count on terpenes. You can count on terpene natural products that have anti inflammatory properties to treat acute and chronic pain. You should choose products that have terpenes Australia so you know exactly what types of terpenes are there. Lab tested cannabis is best and you should also follow your nose. If something smells nice then trust your body because it knows what it likes.

You should opt for pure essence of terpenes and buy Terpenes Australia that has selective breeding of whole plants when it is produced.

For relief from anxiety, pain, inflammation and getting a sound sleep people make use of CB2 oil that comes from the seeds of hemp plants and have terpenes, nutrients, fatty acids and other natural compounds. It contains many effective compounds that improve skin health, brain health, heart health and much more. It is essential to ensure that the oil is produced by a reliable manufacturer like Nutura Wellness to reap Terpenes health benefits.


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