How to Tell if Your Weed is Good

How to tell if your weed is good. Good weed up close.How to tell if your weed is good. Good weed up close.

Good Weed

Do you need to know how to tell if your weed is good? In places like California or Colorado, where cannabis is entirely legal, it is relatively easy to find good weed without having to know the ins and outs of each flower you consume. In any case, finding good cannabis is easy to do with ample dispensaries around. Whoever sells bad marijuana will simply go out of business – so you don’t have to worry about buying bad weed.

However, not everyone is as fortunate to have a grand choice of A-grade buds served on a menu. In places where cannabis is illegal on whatsoever levels, or where you need a particular medical card to buy it, users have to take what they can get. This could mean purchasing cannabis off the street corner, or better known as the black-market.

Most probably, we have all experienced some form of exposure to rip-offs and low-grade weed. But whenever there’s a choice, and a will to obtain some good weed, then you can avoid such situations in the future. By boosting your knowledge of cannabis, you can learn how to tell if your weed is good. Here are some solid tips for you.

Steps on How to Tell If Your Weed is Good

1) Choose Top-Shelf, if You Can

For those fortunate enough to buy their weed from a dispensary, it is useful to understand the different grades of marijuana. In a standard dispensary or professional cannabis delivery business, you can expect to have your weed sorted by quality – or shelf.

Not to insult your intelligence, but marijuana on the top shelf is the cream of the crop – the best of the best. This bud contains a high amount of THC and is grown, cured and dried to perfection. As a general rule, top-shelf weed should produce a splendid taste and aroma.

Also known as mid-shelf, the marijuana on the center shelf is fairly good weed for those seeking a better bang for their buck. Seeing that top-shelf is too expensive for most, mid-shelf greenhouse, for example, is a very good option.

Marijuana on the bottom shelf is the cheapest, least potent bud. Sometimes it’s even a mixture of trimmings or shake. This bad pot will probably have a psychoactive impact, those who have had better will know better. This is really the stuff you want to avoid, especially if you don’t have a friendly budtender looking out for your best will.

2) Seed Content = Level of Quality

Seed content is a direct indicator of quality: The more seeds, the lower the quality. Indoor top-shelf will have zero seeds, while entry-level top-shelf or top-shelf greenhouse might have one or two seeds. We live in a world that’s far from ideal – and not everyone has access to a dispensary or cannabis delivery service.

As such, a lot of weed bought on the streets have an unwanted number of seeds. The best you can do is to visually inspect the cannabis to see whether it is in fact visibly loaded with seeds and stems. If so, you’d better know it’s not nearly the quality you might be seeking.

3) Smell & Taste

When you grow, harvest and dry marijuana properly, it has an unmistakable smell and glorious taste. These are indications that the buds are fresh and have an excellent terpene content. Bad weed that has been improperly dried and cured has little or no scent, or might smell like dried grass.

Arguably, good cannabis that has an aromatic tinge of bitterness usually indicates a member of the indica family, while citrus notes suggest a sativa-dominant variety. Lastly, and as an obvious rule of thumb, if the bud is yellow, red, brown, or tan, it is probably low grade.

4) Trichome Count Counts Hard

For this tip, it’s best to use a magnifying glass to look at the high trichome count on high-quality marijuana buds. Trichomes store the terpenes and cannabinoids that create that the wonderful smell, taste, and the high along with the medicinal benefit of good cannabis.

Trichomes cover high-quality buds and look like sparkling crystals or even like light snow. You should be able to spot trichome density with the naked eye, but you’ll need a jeweler’s loupe or a magnifying glass to check out the full quantity and get a more detailed look.

Ideally, cannabis should be harvested when all of the trichomes have turned to a milky white color, or in zoom mode they resemble tiny bright mushrooms. When you check for trichome content, you are also automatically looking for prematurely harvested weed.

5) Bud Structure & External Features

High-quality indica buds are generally dense while sativa buds are airier, wispier, and a little leaner. In either case, you don’t want something that is too airy and light. Hybrid strains will contain traits of both indica and sativa plants, so the appearance of good buds in this case will be a combination of those.

After harvest, the buds should be trimmed to remove the fan leaves. And in this regard, we recommend opting only for hand-trimmed flower, as opposed to trimming machines that lack the experience of human trimmers and can even wreck your entire stash.

How to Tell if Your Weed is Good: Summarized

You know you your weed is good when it…

  • … is marijuana you found on the top or middle shelves of dispensary menus.
  • … has a healthy green color that can vary with an array of undertones.
  • … has an amazing and fresh scent with different aromas depending on the strain
  • … is covered with glistening trichomes.
  • … is tight and dense and well rounded
  • … is hand-trimmed to preserve buds and terpenes.

Weed is bad if…

  • … you found it in the bottom shelf somewhere
  • … it’s brown, tan, red, white, or yellow in color.
  • … it has a stale scent, smells like grass or has no smell
  • … it contains a lot of seeds
  • … it has a loose see-through structure and visible stems

Final Thoughts on How to Tell if Your Weed is Good

Using low-grade marijuana is less than ideal, and isn’t good for you by any means. Use the indicators as listed in this article to navigate your good weed/bad weed radar. When you’re growing, make sure you know how to grow dank weed. We hope that this information on how to tell if your weed is good has been helpful and informative.

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