John Malanca Weekly Roundup: Isolation

In the past three editorials, I have discussed “breathing and smelling the roses”, hope and stress. I have been surprised to receive an occasional question as to the seriousness of my tone, if I know stress is awful, (yes I do!); and another that I downplayed masks since anyone can “smell the roses” through them.

Nowadays, I work from home and conduct most of my work via phone or a ZOOM meeting, so much of my time is spent alone. There is no WE, US or TEAM spelled in anyway in the word isolation! The “I” is front and center. Just the fact that isolation starts with ‘I’ makes it feel cold, lonely, and introspective. Like many of you, I am a social being so isolation never meant as much to me as it has over the past 6 + months.

Despite the inevitable quiet, I am fortunate to be a healthy, adult man, know myself and someone who keeps very busy. However, I have friends who have infants, school aged children, teens and young adults. They have mourned their spring and summer, missing friends, parties, graduation, college, concerts, and the weddings and funerals. Many have lost loved ones, parents, grandparents, and front-line workers to name a few. Imagine all the delays that the world has experienced which has become the harsh reality of 2020!

How about we all double down and embrace our challenges again! We truly are in this together. We all have become isolated in a new way and now better understand those who suffer in silence, are alone in the hospital or nursing homes where isolation is often a way of life. Let us all recognize that this new isolation for many, is sadly commonplace for some. Perhaps even reach out to a neighbor who is and/or may be having a rough time in this isolation as well.

Maybe the silver lining in all of this is that reflection will lead to compassion and ultimately, change.

I encourage all of you to continue following United Patients Group – “Be Informed. Be Well.”. I hope by interviewing engaging and expert professionals, posting interesting articles, endorsing products and that by being here for you during both the good and the challenging times, we help fill the hours, and ultimately become a trusted place to learn, share and post!

I certainly hope the stress of our isolation never prevents us from smelling the roses along life’s journey…change is just a step away.

John Malanca

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