Mexico Reveals Rules for New Medical Marijuana Law

Mexico Marijuana

By Associated Press

(AP) — Three years after Mexico passed a law permitting the medicinal use of marijuana, the government published the underlying regulations governing everything from who can prescribe it to who can grow it.

Multiple government agencies from the health and agriculture ministries will oversee a system intended to permit research into marijuana’s medical uses and development of pharmaceuticals while avoiding related criminal activities, according to regulation published in the federal register.

The purpose of these Regulations is the regulation, control, promotion and sanitary surveillance of raw materials, pharmacological derivatives and Cannabis medicines, for production, research, manufacturing and medical purposes,” the law reads.

Mexico is expected to vote on rules for a legalized recreational marijuana market as early as February 2021. This would create the largest country in the world to legalize marijuana. Mexico’s lawmakers have delayed their vote multiple times, with the latest being in December 2020.


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