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Hey everyone, first post, but I thought maybe someone on this site might know exactly what to look for in a shady online delta 8 distributor. I ordered some delta 8 sprayed cbd flower from Boston Hempire and Utoya organics, and some carts and what they call shatter, from Hathor CBD. Both Boston Hempire and Utoya have a face book page at least, but I can’t find anything more about Hathor CBD. The carts are tasty but all the flower taste pretty shitty. All sites have COA’s, but is there a way to tell if they are legit? The price point at hathor cbd has me a little suspicious that they are cutting corners somewhere.

The entire product and business prospect is the definition of cut corners.

You ordered a product that was created to derive profit via circumvention of regulatory oversight, manufactured by an “industry” propped up to circumvent the law, from a business established to exploit a loophole and really only in existence due to a global pandemic that has shut down regulatory responses- the fact that the plant is illegal in the first place lends another layer of baffling incongruity but the point here is:

In a sane world, this product would not exist- it is a Frankenstein’s monster, a broken clockwork held together by more broken clockworks-

  • you are not insane, the world is-

D8 flower is the bouquet of 2020.

I am sorry my sir, but that’s sort of what you get for buying fake drugs on the internet- I’m sorry you do not have access to plant medicines as god intended them.

When will the madness end?

The fact that they have the word “organics” in the company name and they’re selling cannabis flowers that have been genetically engineered to produce cartoonishly high levels of D9THC, then genetically engineered back to produce high levels of CBD when the plant produces these constituents in a 1:1 ratio in nature and never in such staggering amounts- the freakishly oversized reproductive fruiting bodies of the plant, warped and manipulated by human hands over the course of 100 years of manipulative regulation to drive profits for industries that actively harm the planet which bore the original plant- the chemical processes that this freak plant was subjected to and the strange events leading to the oversupply of isolated cbd oil crystals that are then being twisted around with all manner of unnatural chemical and dumped back on.

You know that scene in alien, where the fetus is begging Ripley to kill it?

That’s D8 hemp.

Just stop.

I’m too drunk for what I just read lmao

superjail vibes or some shit with that beautiful run-on sentence

let’s not kid ourselves, this industry is probably one of the least responsible for harming the planet.

We’re living in the ruined part of heaven.

Sorry for the lack of clarity, I’m not insinuating that- the opposite in fact- the suppression of the plant was driven by sawmills and oil drillers- that’s my point

that was a wormhole

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