The 10 Best Automatic Weed Grinders in 2021

Best Automatic Weed Grinders

For stoners, there’s no feeling such as that of smoking weed! Maybe you smoke it to get the ‘high’ or you smoke it for getting the medicinal benefits of the plants. The high that you get out of it is unbeatable and so are the medical effects of the herb! However, you just can’t smoke the bud that you get from the dispensary or straight out of your plant. There are quite a few steps between holding the bud and smoking it! The most important of them is grinding your bud to make it into a fine powdery mix before you smoke it. There are two ways in which you can grind your weed – using a manual grinder and by using an automatic grinder. In this article, we focus on the latter.

We have already written in length about some of the best manual grinders that you can buy in the markets in 2021. Today, we shall be talking about the other kind of grinders – the electric and automatic weed grinders, which are way easier to operate and more precise than a manual grinder! We shall be talking about the 10 best automatic weed grinders that you can buy in the markets today and start grinding your weed using them!

However, before that, we shall take a very quick look at what grinders are and why are they important. Post that we look at the best options that can be bought off Amazon and can be used by you! We shall also be looking at a small but handy buyer’s guide so that you know what to look for while buying a grinder. Then we look at a comparison between manual grinders vs electric grinders, followed by answers to some frequently asked questions and then a conclusion! We hope that by the time you reach the end of our article, you will be fully familiarized with everything that there is to know about these automatic weed grinders.

Let us dive right into it:

What is a Weed Grinder?

When you get a bud of weed, it is straight out of a plant and is not something that can be smoked up directly. What we see being poured inside a joint or going in an edible is essentially finley grinded and powdered weed. This powdered weed is essential for smoking because a bud cannot be used to smoke up on its own and besides, until you have a fine powder, you won’t be able to burn it up properly. The better grinded your weed is, the better it will be when it comes to smoking it up.

A grinder is essentially a device which has got teeth on two sides and you place your weed between it. The two sides then move in a circular motion with your weed getting spliced between it. The lower of the two plates has holes in it via which the powdered weed falls into a collection chamber. This is the basic functioning of a grinder. There are two kinds of grinders: automatic (electric) grinders and manual grinders. This article is dedicated to the latter.

Difference Between Manual Grinder vs Automatic Grinder:

A manual grinder contains two plates with teeth on them, as well as the collection chambers, this is the same with automatic grinders too. However, in the case of the manual grinders you need to twist and turn these plates yourself while electric grinders do it on their own using motors. Manual grinders require more physical effort while electric grinders require none of it. However, automatic grinders tend to be quite expensive when compared to the inexpensive manual grinders. Let us now take a closer look at ten of the best options that there are if you are looking forward to buying a great automatic weed grinder in 2021. We have attempted to provide detailed reviews along with some key highlights of each of the products.

10 Best Automatic Weed Grinders in 2021

Here’s a list of the 10 best automatic weed grinders that you can buy off Amazon right away! We have provided a detailed review of each of these products so that you know which is the best fit for your needs! This is the most comprehensive and complete list that you can find on the internet which gives you a 360-degree understanding of the products:

1. VIVOSUN Electric Dry Herb Spice Grinder-Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Blades, Detachable Chamber, Rechargeable Battery, Portable Size,5.9 Inches Long, Clean Brush Included

VIVOSUN Electric Dry Herb Spice Grinder

VIVOSUN Electric Dry Herb Spice Grinder

  • Trusted Brand
  • Provides up to 300 grinds on one charge
  • Portable and concealable

This grinder comes from Vivosun, which is perhaps one of the most trusted brands in the markets today. If we talk about this list of the 10 best automatic weed grinders in 2021, this one’s perhaps our MVP, especially because of the manufacturer which has a massive credibility and has been known to manufacture some of the best tents, air pumps, grow lights and a number of other equipment related to growing weed over the past several years. The first thing that you notice about this electric weed grinder is the fact that it is very sleek and a good looking device, unlike other grinders that look quite clunky and strange. It is also just 6 inches in length, making it easy to carry and conceal.

Once you look beyond the good looks of this grinder, you will notice that it features a very impressive battery – perhaps the longest lasting one on this list. On a single charge, you can get upto 300 grinds! There’s also a battery level indicator which will allow you to check how much power the grinder has left. Safety is another factor that has been kept in mind while building this – as the blades of this grinder work only when the chamber is connected to the main body. This grinder is also very easy to clean and comes with a cleaning brush too. Priced in at $35.99, this is indeed a great option for stoners.

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2. Mamba Electric Herb Grinder. Grinds Right Into Your Bowl! (1.5 Inch / 0.5 Gram Capacity) – Charcoal

Mamba Electric Herb Grinder. Grinds Right Into Your Bowl

Mamba Electric Herb Grinder. Grinds Right Into Your Bowl

  • 1.5 inches in diameter
  • Supports up to 0.5 grams of weed
  • Very easy to operate – works on a single button

Mamba’s electric weed grinder is one of the best automatic grinders out there in the markets! The key focus here is on the fact that it is very simple to operate and it also helps you fill your joint with ease. The grinder has a nozzle which allows you to keep your joint right below it and allow to pour your weed straight into the cone. You get a ‘fine and fluffy’ grind when you use this grinder, and even the most moist or oiliest of the buds can easily be chopped when using this grinder. Another thing that the manufacturer emphasizes on is the fact that this is a very fast grinder – and can prove to be upto 20 times faster than what you’d otherwise expect.

The grinder needs 4 AA batteries to function, and is powered by a 0.6A motor. There are 26 teeth on this grinder which help you splice through your weed with great ease. Operation is quite simple and single-handed. The manufacturer also claims that this comes with a patented and special mechanism which ‘never jams’. Lastly, another key highlight here is that this grinder comes with a two-year warranty. All of this put together makes it truly one of the best automatic weed grinders of 2021.

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3. FREETOPHOME Herb Grinder, Electric Spice Crusher, Small USB Recharge Grinders, Smart Control Mill, Mini Automatic Portable Crank, Large Blade, Aluminium, Black,8.36inch



  • Supports USB Charging
  • Auto shut-off after grinding
  • Portable and easy to carry

One of the best options that there is when it comes to buying electric grinders for grinding weed, this one comes from freetophome and is a portable option which can be easily carried around from place to place! All you’ve got to do is to place your weed in the top chamber and place the cap on it, and then hit the grinding button. When you do that, the blade will start to move and chop the weed that you have placed in it. This is a simple and easy-to-use electric grinder which costs under $40. The grinder has a 1.7-inch diameter and comes with a USB cable for charging. Pressing and holding the power button for three seconds turns the grinder on and it automatically shuts off after 40 seconds.

You also get a free cleaning brush along with this grinder so that you can clean the device after you have used it. It is also made out of premium quality materials and is a durable grinder which can last you for quite some time. It is also a multi-purpose device which grinds not only weed but also quite a bit of kitchen herbs as well, making it useful for a large variety of uses. It comes with a 2000mAh rechargeable battery and in case of emergency, you can also use the charge of this device to charge your tablets or phones for a short duration.

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4. Wakit Grinders (KLR Series) – Electric Herb Grinder with Stronger Motor and See Through Herb Chamber Lit by LED Lights While Grinding when Ball and Chain is activated via Quick Short Taps (Lucid)

Wakit Grinders (KLR Series)

Wakit Grinders (KLR Series)

  • Easy to operate
  • Strong motor – finely grinded weed
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery

Up next is this grinder from Wakit, which is among one of the best options you can get from Amazon. This is a grinder that can be used to grind a large number of kitchen herbs and spices as well as weed. This is somewhat larger in size and comes with quite a powerful motor which allows a fine grinding experience. It is the best option for people who have arthritis or other bone or muscle related ailments as it grinds the weed in just a few taps. There is no manual effort needed at all!

Interestingly, this grinder also comes with LED lights inside it which glow up once the grinding process starts and shut down once it ends. This way, you know that grinding is going on and thanks to the LED lighting you can also see what is going on inside it. This is a very powerful grinder and can grind whatever you put inside it in just a few seconds! Stoners are advised to not over-stuff the machine and to grind in quantities that can be supported by the grinder for a smooth functioning. The core highlight in this grinder is the tap-to-operate functionality which is extremely easy to use!

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5. Spice Herb Grinder Electric USB-Rechargeable, 2pcs 1.7oz Glass Herb Chamber – Mini Portable (Black)

Spice Herb Grinder Electric USB-Rechargeable

Spice Herb Grinder Electric USB-Rechargeable

  • Very sharp blade
  • 12 month warranty period
  • 1100mAh battery

One of the best options that you have when it comes to getting a portable and automatic weed grinder, the highlighty of this grinder is that it uses very sharp blades to cut your weed! It takes a very short time for its blades to splice through the weed (or the herbs) that you put in the grinding chamber and the output that you get is very fine and powdery. You also get a great consistency in each chopped grain of weed – ensuring that it is going to burn in an effective and equal manner.

One of the best automatic weed grinders of 2021, this model features an 1100 mAh battery which is quite long-lasting. Grinding is very easy – the button has to be pushed five times and the blades will start off! You also get a pollen catcher, as well as a free jar to store your grinded weed in. A cleaning brush also comes along with this grinder. Lastly, you get a 12-month warranty period, which is a major benefit for stoners!

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6. Electric Smart Herb and Spice Grinder – OTTO by Banana Bros with Pollen Catcher

Electric Smart Herb and Spice Grinder

Electric Smart Herb and Spice Grinder

  • Premium Grinder
  • Helps fill the joint with ease
  • Easy to use

Imagine a device that could not only grind your weed but also ensure the consistency of the final product, as well as fill it into a cone! This is exactly what the OTTO grinder does. Coming in at about $150, this is an expensive product but you get quite a few premium features here – branded ‘load, mill, fill and chill’. This is a product that is bound to speeden up the process of creating a joint! One of the best things about this OTTO automatic grinder is that it can grind any type of weed! Be it sticky, dry, a big bud or a tiny budlet – everything is supported.

It is quite easy to operate too – and it helps you fill your cones with great ease. The milling plates are made out of aerospace engineered aluminum which give them strength as well as durability. You can put your cone inside the device and it will be filled. You also get six free cones from the manufacturer when you buy this grinder. Some stoners have pointed out that the battery life is quite low so you might want to keep an eye out for that.

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7. Honbay Zinc Alloy Electric Metal Grinder Herb Tabacco Crusher Grinder Cracker

Honbay Zinc Alloy Electric Metal Grinder Herb Tabacco Crusher Grinder Cracker

Honbay Zinc Alloy Electric Metal Grinder Herb Tabacco Crusher Grinder Cracker

  • Premium looks at an affordable price
  • Sharp teeth for precise grinding
  • Portable and easy to carry

One of the best looking grinders on our list, this one is for those who want a cheap solution, but one which looks really good. This grinder comes from Honbay and is one of the best options for stoners who want to grind their weed in a simple way and with more precision. The teeth on this grinder are quite sharp, as well as fast-moving. Together, this combination of speed and sharpness ensures that the weed inside it, no matter how moist, gets properly grinded and shredded into a fine powder which can then be used to smoke by the stoners.

Though the grinder is made out of plastic, it comes with a golden-yellow build and a combination of zinc-alloy teeth which don’t make it look as inferior as it sounds. You will need 3 AAA batteries to power this grinder. Measuring in at just 150x40mm, this grinder is the perfect option for those stoners who want to carry it around and conceal it from people. There’s a sufficient gap between the floor and the bottom of the teeth, which ensures that you can clean the grinder with ease. All said and done, this is one of the best automatic weed grinders in 2021 for those growers who are looking for an inexpensive and cheap grinder as it costs only $10.99.

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8. Rechargeable Electric Dry Herb Grinder – LONZEN 2018 Best Design. Crush the Toughest Spice with Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Blades. Clear Glass Dispenser Window. 2 – Year Warranty.

Rechargeable Electric Dry Herb Grinder

Rechargeable Electric Dry Herb Grinder

  • Pen-shaped grinder, easily concealable
  • 2-year warranty period
  • Very sharp blades – weed gets finely chopped

When it comes to getting grinders that don’t ‘look’ like grinders, and ones which can be easily concealed and carried around, this electric grinder from Lonzen scores high. Winner of many design awards, this is the perfect product for you if you are looking forward to getting a high-performance device which can splice through your weed with ease and help you pour it into your cone or joint with the help of a small nozzle on top. There’s a single power button that controls this entire device. On the top there’s a glass window via which you can see the actual grinding happen in real-time.

This grinder can be charged using a USB cord and can be charged anywhere with ease. There’s also a storage area in this grinder (seperate from the main grinding area) which can be detached and carried around when not in use. A single charge gives you 5 hours of charge and there’s a battery indicator on the bottom which lets you know when the time is right to charge the grinder. Lastly, another highlight here is the fact that it comes with a long and impressive two year warranty period, which is rare for grinders! All of this put together makes it one of the top names on our list of the be10 best automatic weed grinders in 2021 and a device that you should totally check out!

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9. Automatic Electric Herb & Spice Grinder | Simplify Herb Grinding Process W/A Flick Of A Switch | Aerospace Aluminum Teeth | Rechargeable Battery W/USB Cable | BONUS Cleaning Kit & Pollen Scraper

Automatic Electric Herb & Spice Grinder

Automatic Electric Herb & Spice Grinder

  • Useful for grinding weed as well as for kitchen herbs and spices
  • Very strong and sharp teeth
  • Easy to operate

If you are looking forward to buying something that can be used in kitchen as well as for grinding weed, this is the perfect option for you. Sovereign Smoke comes with just one on-off switch on the top and is very easy to manage. The grinder has a large diameter and allows you to grind quite a bit of herbs inside it – up to 1 gram of weed can be grinded inside it at a time. The key highlight of this grinder is the fact that the teeth that come here are made out of aerospace-grade aluminum.

There’s a rechargeable battery inside the grinder which makes it easy for stoners as they do not need to replace the battery every time. Furthermore, it is the perfect product for those stoners who are suffering from ailments like arthritis or other similar problems as it requires zero manual effort. It has a radius of about 2⅓” and almost twice that height. You also get a free pollen catcher as well as a cleaning kit which will give you the complete experience – allowing you to grind your weed as well as keep your grinder clean. This grinder costs $64.99.

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10. GrindE Electric Herb Processor Instant Kief Maker, Fine Mesh with Steel Processor Chain for Dry, Fresh Spices and Plant Residuals, Small and Portable, Smart Rechargeable Tool USB

GrindE Electric Herb Processor Instant Kief Maker

GrindE Electric Herb Processor Instant Kief Maker

  • Extremely portable
  • Comes with a steel cutting chain that grinds your weed really fine
  • 4-hour battery life in a 45-minute charge

Last on our list of the 10 best automatic weed grinders of 2020, but certainly not the least of them by any extent possible – this grinder has the looks of a manual grinder, but is actually an automatic grinder. It is very small and portable, and features a stainless-steel cutting system, using which a high quality result can be easily obtained. It measures only 2.5” in height and 2.7” in diameter and also features a pollen catcher inside it. Operation is very simple – you just have to move the box to the grind mode in order to get a good grinding experience.

At a price of just $60, this is indeed a great product to own, especially if you are looking forward to getting hold of something that looks like the older, manual devices, but is actually a smart and automatic grinder. Particularly makes for a great gift!

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Buyer’s Guide to Automatic Weed Grinders

If you are looking forward to buying an automatic grinder for your buds, you need to check out for some things – first off, how finely does it grind your weed. The more finer and powdery it is, the better it is for you. You also need to see how sharp the teeth on the grinder are. Then there’s the portability factor – most of these grinders are easy to carry around and shaped like a pen so that they don’t raise much of a suspicion too.

One more thing you need to check here is how easy it is to clean the grinder that you are buying. Most manual grinders are easily cleaned but when it comes to automatic ones, it might get a little complex in some cases. Finally, the cost and warranty are two major factors that are to be kept in mind. Cost of automatic grinders is always higher than that of the manual ones, but then so is the comfort and the quality of the end product! These are some things that you need to keep in mind when you buy an automatic weed grinder.

Frequently Asked Questions about Automatic Weed Grinders

There are some questions about these grinders that we get asked often. Here’s a quick collection of them all at one place so that you can get a better perspective of things.

1. Which grinder is better: automatic or manual?

Both the grinders do the same task at the end of the day – crush your weed into a fine powdery mesh which can be poured into a joint or mixed with tobacco and be smoked up! An automatic grinder does it without any physical effort from the stoner. A manual grinder requires the stoners to place the weed in it and manually twist and turn it so that the teeth splice through the weed. Automatic grinders tend to give a more precise effect with lesser effort but tend to be costly. Some stoners also find manual grinders more of a cathartic experience. It totally depends upon what you are more comfortable with!

2. Can these grinders grind other things apart from weed?

Yes, these automatic grinders can be used to grind pretty much all the herbs, spices and even coffee. These are a great multi-purpose kitchen accessory which will help you become a better chef along with getting a better experience while smoking up your weed.

3. Is it legal to use automatic weed grinders?

Yes, using grinders is totally legal. However, grinding weed is the matter of legal contention which you need to check with your local laws. If consumption of weed is allowed in your local legislation then you can use these grinders to grind weed with no legal problems! Always make sure to check up with what your local laws state though.

4. Can someone with arthritis make use of these grinders?

Yes, one of the best advantages of using automatic grinders is the fact that they are great for people who have arthritis or other bone or muscle-related conditions which prevents them from using manual grinders as that requires quite a bit of physical effort.


Automatic grinders aren’t something entirely new to most of us. You’ve seen them in your kitchens – used to grind herbs, spices, and coffee. However, they can also be used to grind weed, which is an added benefit of these grinders! Some grinders are created for general purpose kitchen use while there are others specifically created for crushing and grinding weed! This article talks about these special grinders. We hope that our review of the ten best options you have has helped you understand these grinders to your satisfaction! If you still have any questions, feel free to drop a comment or let us know over the mail and we shall get back to you as soon as we can! Till then…

…Happy Smoking! ?

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