What are some lifehacks you wish you knew when you started smoking?

For me, smoking more bud when I’m already high had quickly diminishing returns. Don’t waste loads of bud when you’re already blazed by smoking a load more. Wait until the high fades and then smoke little and often until you’ve got your buzz back.

Also, invest in a half decent grinder rather than those crappy, cheap plastic ones. A multi-layered grinder with a kief catcher will provide you a free way of enhancing some of your bud. Regularly clean your grinder too, I got a metal toothpick for that reason.

Some people may disagree with this, but I treat smoking like I would drinking. Doing it when I get up in the morning isn’t something I do unless it’s a special occasion. I used to do it but it sucks the productivity out of me so now it’s only for after dinner or whatever.

Weed is at its best when sharing a laugh and hanging out with some friends. Share the love with those who share it back, but don’t feel that you have to let anyone smoke your weed, especially if they never bring any. Every group has one dude who will always have “forgot” his weed or “not have any until payday next week”.

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