What Else is CBD Used For?

person holding cbd oilAll new products in the medicinal market follow a similar pattern. They need testing, analysis and verification before approval to sell through pharmacies, drug stores or online. Once unleashed, only then will we see the true results, and the same applies to Cannabidiol.

More commonly recognised as CBD, with each passing year the drug increases in popularity and use. Although it still lacks the kind of research you get from common over-the-counter medicines like paracetamol, the understanding of CBD use is building.

Currently, medical cannabis in the UK is only approved for specific reasons. For example, chemotherapy patients look at introducing CBD as a supplement. Alternatively, those with inflammation issues seek ways to add CBD products to their diet routine. As a food supplement, we are now beginning to see CBD crop up in a variety of ways, serving multiple purposes.

What we know for sure with CBD is it’s been a long journey between its discovery and now. Fast forward to the present day and research suggests there are several believed benefits when taking CBD to supplement your everyday lifestyle. Moving away from the traditional reasons, we take a look at some interesting CBD use suggestions that didn’t even cross your mind and those you wish had.


You might not see Nigella Lawson or Jamie Oliver dabble with CBD in their food (just yet), but CBD could prove useful for the chefs among you. In 2020, the Coronavirus drastically changed lives in the UK because of multiple lockdowns, remote working and sometimes isolation – code for boredom. To get the creative juices flowing and to have a bit of fun, cooking with CBD could be the answer. Whip up a storm in the kitchen and flex your culinary muscles by trying something new.

Whether you’re considering baking a cake with CBD oil or infusing your pasta, remember to start with a small dose. Experimenting is key when cooking and starting with a few drops can help find the desired result. You can find lots of fun recipes online including the food supplement, taking your skills to the next level.

Because of CBD’s rise in popularity, it was only a matter of time before it made its way into our morning donut or evening soup. Considering some of CBD’s natural ingredients, bear this in mind when thinking about which meals would benefit from the product.


The start of November allows many thoughts to spring to mind. Firstly, thank god the Halloween hype is over. Next, I wish it was summer again and the clocks went forward for longer nights of bliss. Plus, why is the weather so cold and when will it end? While they are not all linked, they all look like negative thoughts because the start of winter means a change to your mood and most importantly sleeping patterns.

When the night’s draw in, relaxation is key and finding the time to unwind is super important. Otherwise, you will struggle to switch off and sleep proves more of a challenge. Therefore, because you can’t turn back time, you’ll have to find other ways to manage the body changes and feelings. CBD itself is not a sleep medicine, but as humans we need to find different ways to switch off before bed. Putting the phone away an hour before winding down is just the beginning. Maybe you’ll get those 40 winks after all?


Muscular pain is common in every walk of life. You might have a sore back as a lorry driver, or a stiff neck after sitting at the office desk. Even athletes in peak physical condition get issues after intense exercise. For many going to the gym or a simple workout at home is enough to keep the excess body fat down.

Nevertheless, it helps if you have suitable aids for recovery, and even before your exercise too. Do electrolytes in energy drinks actually help? What about the classic orange slices at halftime during a football game? Everybody has their method to avoid injuries where possible, especially for sports. So muscle relaxation is key before and after to boost your chances of avoiding injury.

One popular way to help reduce muscle tension is with a nice massage. However, rubbing into dry skin involves a much greater effort. Therefore, rubbing gently with a little oil can go a long way, especially with a blend of CBD and essential oils.


  1. A big performance on stage as an actor/musician in front of a crowd of people.
  2. Those final few moments before the start of an educational exam.
  3. Standing up in front of your work peers to give a presentation.

These are just a few examples of times when nerves may get the better of you. If the palms feel sweaty and your throat clenches up, this can affect how you perform. We all get a little worked up before something important, because of the pressure that builds. It’s a natural part of life. Therefore, learning how to cope with these types of situations makes all the difference.

Go to any doctors or check out some top tips online and they will tell you the same techniques. This might include controlling your breathing, trying to think positively or managing your diet and sleep patterns. It’s even common with smokers to feel like they need a cigarette to help combat stress. Instead of depending on this method and damaging your health, there are other ways to try to manage pressure. For instance, vaping a CBD e-liquid contains nowhere near as many bad chemicals, in addition to bigger cloud production and a wide range of flavours.


Dogs are a great companion. A loyalty that knows no bounds, a friend for life and a pet that cheers you up in tough moments. The bond between humans and their pets is unbreakable – so it’s no wonder we call dogs a man’s best friend. When you suddenly feel like you lose that connection when they get sick, we do our best to nurse a dog back to good health. The obvious choice is taking them to the vets.

This makes our list because a link between CBD and dogs doesn’t typically spring to mind. Classed as a food supplement, CBD has properties tested and used for a variety of strange reasons. The research is very minimal in this subject, so don’t assume you know how much CBD to give to your pet. Many articles online and even some of our customers have told us they give CBD to their pets. With that, however, we always advise checking with a veterinarian first to see if it’s an option for your dog and their current situation.


We all need to look after our skin, in particular during the harsh winter months. In cold weather and freezing temperatures, it’s more likely to dry up. Therefore, a bit of treatment and care goes a long way to improve the situation. That might be with a good cream or lotion you’ve discovered online.

There are lots of different ways to relieve, smoothen or replenish your skin, with CBD already in some moisturisers. Some are obvious natural choices, but everybody is different so it’s a case of finding what suits you best. With its herbal properties, why not add a drop or two of clinically tested CBD oil to a mixture of honey and oatmeal.


Before purchasing any CBD products, it’s important to learn as much as possible about the food supplement you wish to take. A few important considerations:

As we gather more studies and understanding about Cannabidiol, the industry growth will only increase. With your CBD dosage, our advice is to always start on a small dose and gradually build up to your required level. With so many different uses, a few proven and others previously unthinkable, it’s no wonder CBD is the trend right now.

For more information about CBD or if you have any questions about our range of products, please feel free to contact us.

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