What Is Hemp-Derived CBD and What Is the Hemp-Derived CBD Spectrum?

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What Is Hemp-Derived CBD and What Is the Hemp-Derived CBD Spectrum? | #CBDMOVEMENT™ BLOG


CBD seems to be everywhere recently. CBD is now available in countless products, including tinctures and oils, creams and salves, powders, lip balms, and more. Millions of people now swear by CBD for a variety of potential benefits. Advocates are even reporting that their pets are benefitting from CBD. However, many of those who are curious about CBD and its benefits are not familiar with what it is, where it comes from, and what those benefits are specifically.

What Is CBD?

CBD is a cannabinoid molecule. As “cannabinoid” suggests, it is found in cannabis plants and in hemp. While CBD is a cannabinoid, it is not intoxicating like its fellow cannabinoid THC. Despite having no intoxicating effect, its many benefits include relief from discomfort, promotion of sleep, increased relaxation, and a generally enhanced sense of well-being.

What Is Hemp-Derived CBD?

CBD can be sourced from both cannabis and hemp plants. However, since CBD products are either free of THC or contain negligible traces of it, many prefer hemp-derived CBD products. As such, high-quality CBD products derived by hemp extraction are popular and widely sought after.

What Is the Hemp-Derived CBD Spectrum?

The hemp extraction process doesn’t just produce a single hemp-derived CBD product, however. For instance, a hemp-derived CBD provider can produce CBD oil from hemp extraction that ranges from a full spectrum product to a hemp-derived CBD isolate. As such, anyone looking for a source of top-quality hemp-derived CBD products is best served by finding an online vendor that offers a variety of pure CBD oil and other products derived from hemp extraction that range from full spectrum to CBD isolate.

What Is the Full Spectrum Hemp-Derived CBD?

A full spectrum hemp-derived CBD product is one that is produced with a “full plant extraction.” A full plant extraction includes naturally-occurring cannabinoids, flavonoids, plant terpenes, vitamins and minerals, and more that remain from the original hemp plant. Among those cannabinoids is <.3% THC. Those organic compounds work together synergistically, producing what is generally referred to as the “entourage effect.” Basically, the combination of those natural elements compounds the potential health benefits of the hemp-derived CBD product.

What Is Broad Spectrum CBD?

A broad spectrum hemp-derived CBD product is a full spectrum formulation that has been processed to remove any remaining traces of THC. The other natural compounds remain, resulting in the entourage effect, but without the traces of THC.

What Is CBD Isolate?

Hemp-derived CBD isolate is a formulation that has been processed to remove every other molecule that isn’t hemp-derived CBD. The resulting white powder is at least 99% pure hemp-derived CBD with 0% THC. Hemp-derived CBD isolate is commonly used as an ingredient in products like tincture oils, edibles, and topicals.

About CBDistillery™

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